CWoW: Day 1

The Commerce Week on Writing is here!

Monday, October 19, is DAY ONE of the Commerce Week on Writing.

What’s going on? So much, on campus and throughout the community.

Today, we kick off with a poetry reading. Writers taking Dr. Kathryn Jacobs’ poetry writing course and Dr. Robin Anne Reid’s narrative prose course will be sharing their work on Monday, October 19, 4:30-7:10, Hall of Languages, Room 203.

The celebration continues!

Tuesday, October 20, is the National Day on Writing. In fact, 

On October 8, the U.S. Senate passed
resolution declaring October 20 as the
National Day on Writing!

Join us Tuesday, October 20, for an incredible number and variety of events. Beginning with a “Writing Local History” panel at the Gee Library, First Floor, leading into “NCoW Theater: A Festival of Films and Writing and Writers” (also at Gee Library). At 4:30, make your way to the Hall of Languages for a Writing Center Open House and a Memoir Workshop. Lots of fun in store!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are jam packed with activities, as well. Take a look at the sechedule and make plans to attend!

Details at the “event details” tab and at the CWoW site.



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