Commerce Week on Writing, Day 3!

We roll into the third day of the Commerce Week on Writing with a panel presentation (Coming Together: the Norris Community and Texas A&M-Commerce), followed by a showing of the documentary Don’t Be Silent!

Another great day!

What: Coming Together: A Conversation with Norris Community Members and Other Experts
When: Oct. 21, 2009, 1:00-2:00 pm
Where: Gee Library, First Floor
How: Just drop by! Panel presentation (conversation) is free and open to the public! Organizer: Opal Pannell, Director of the Norris Community Center and long-time resident, with Shannon Carter ( and LaVelle Hendricks

“Coming Together” is a panel of leaders and long-time residents  from the Norris Community in Commerce, Texas. conversation with community members of the Norris Community, a section of Commerce that before integration was the site of the all-black Norris School and, much more recently, the a superfund site left by a factory that processed cotton (contaminated soil).

Representatives at this panel include Harry Turner (Mt. Moriah Temple Baptist Church), Madell Pannell (Pentecostal Church of the Lord Jesus Christ), and Opal Pannell (Director of the Norris Community Center and lont-time member of Mt. Moriah). Ms. Pannell is also the panel organizer, with Shannon Carter and Dr. LaVelle Hendricks (Texas A&M-Commerce). African-American churches throughout the  Norris Community play a major role in community life, serving as advocates, leaders, and educators for this important area of Commerce, Texas.

Panel members selected by Ms.  Opal Pannell and Dr. LaVelle Hendricks.

Join us for this exciting panel Ms. Pannell calls “Coming Together.”

What: Don’t Be Silent! (documentary)
When: Oct. 21, 2009, 2:30  pm
Where: Gee Library, First Floor
How: Come by, view this documentary (Italian, with English subtitles), and meet one of the filmmakers, PhD student Luca Morazzano (Department of Literature and Languages)

Documentary film about don Roberto Sardelli, a priest and activist who, in 1968, founded School 725 in Rome amongst the “Shack People” of the Acquedotto Felice (a XVI century acqueduct where the poorest immigrants from Southern Italy find home and community but no running water or electrnicty). An uplifting film about the power of writing in and for community, as the residents use research and creative writing to document their situtation and force the cityleaders to respond.

Organizer: Luca Morazzano (


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