Commerce Week on Writing comes to an end (with more writing and sharing!)

Plays written yesterday performed tonight (PAC 100, 5:00) ! Stories written this week shared tonight  (Topic for Story Slam!: “I shouldn’t have written it down”).

Raise a glass to writing (and ourselves) at the Spot at the square in Commerce!  Story Slam! is CWoW’s  culminating event. Sharing begins at 7:00!

What: Story Slam!
When: Oct. 23, 2009, 7:00-9:00 pm
Where: Brew Spot
How: The new Writing Center director at Texas A&M-Commerce, Dr. Tabetha Adkins, is organizing “Story Slam!” at the Spot, which will serve as the culminating event for the Commerce Week on Writing. For this event, participants are given a topic ahead of time. They write a story in response to the prompt, which they then share at the Story Slam!

Participants place their names in a hat. Those drawn share. The rest of us just sit back and enjoy–hilarious stories, sad stories, embarrassing stories, dramatic stories, poignant stories, silly stories, . . . you name it, we’ll hear it.

Prompt: “I shouldn’t have written it down.”

How might that story go? Create your own story and share it, or just come listen and enjoy !



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