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We are so glad you are celebrating the Commerce Week on Writing! Here are just a few items that may prove useful to you.

1.Trying to drum up interest? Do you represent an organization, special interest, classroom, or other group involved with writing worth celebrating? Share this flier with them. Or try this video (“Resolution in 60 Seconds“). Or this one at the National Conversation on Writing (“Who is a Writer? What Writers Tell Us“)

2. Have the interest and some great ideas but haven’t quite nailed down what you’d like to do to celebrate the Commerce Week on Writing? Check out these ideas. Take a look at some of what folks are doing across the country. Better still, see the “events” link above to learn what folks are doing right here!

3. Know what you want to do, are prepared to do it, and want to others to know about it? Share information and links to promotional materials at the “events” link above. We’ll share these with the campus and surrounding community, but you may wish to advertise more yourself. We hope you will! And we also hope you’ll include the phrase “Commerce Week on Writing” in your promotional materials so we can be sure to celebrate together.

Be sure to add your event to the campus calendar of events.

Looking forward to it!


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