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Countdown to the Commerce Week on Writing: Less than Three Weeks to Go!

Additional events scheduled (to be added to the next Update):

Thursday, October 22, 12:30-1:45 (location TBA)

Literacy in the Lives of Three PhD Students at Texas A&M-Commerce

“Religion and Literacy Sponsorship: When the Literacy Sponsor is God”

Dr. Donna Dunbar-Odom (Professor of English, Department of Literature and Languages), “Literacy as Salvation, Salvation as Literacy”

JP Sloop (PhD Student, Department of Literature and Languages), “’Teach Ye Out of the Best Books’: Mormon Missionary Work as Literacy Sponsor.”

Jerome Bruner writes, “It is through our own narratives that we principally construct a version of ourselves in the world, and it is through its narratives that a culture provides models of identity and agency to its members” (xiv). Of course the literacy narrative tends toward a representation of a self reaching a level of self-actualization via the writer’s relationship with reading and writing. At every stage of our lives, narratives are working on us, and we, in turn, are working on them, trying on different ways of being in the world and different ways of understanding the world around us. This project, and the presentation that follows, seeks to expand what teachers know about their students’ as well as their own reading and writing practices to enable them to see in more complex terms what motivates as well as impedes students’ entries into the various sites and forms of academic life on the graduate level.

Donna Dunbar-Odom’s paper “Literacy as Salvation, Salvation as Literacy” provides a theoretical frame through which to understand religion as a literacy sponsor and examines how the trope of salvation figured in several working-class academic memoirs written by graduate students in an online seminar on genre. JP Sloop will draw from his experience as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in his paper “’Teach Ye Out of the Best Books’: Mormon Missionary Work as Literacy Sponsor.”

Wade Thompson (PhD Student, Department of Literature and Languages), “Literacy as ‘Crutch’: An Exploration of One Man’s Relationship with Books”

My literacy narrative deals with the notion of literacy acting as a crutch, a replacement for other types of social experience. Growing up with a mental illness I used literacy in a manner that wasn’t healthy, using books instead of personal experience and socialbility in creating my own personal identity. Thus learning about how literacy can be both a benefit and a problem is something which I wish to explore in my narrative.

Ann-Marie Lopez (PhD Student, Department of Literature and Languages), Title TBA

Contact person(s): Donna Dunbar-Odom [] or Shannon Carter []

Thursday, October 22, beginning 4:30 and running for 24-hours (location: PAC 100, Texas A&M-Commerce)

No Experience Necessary
24 Hour
Short Play Competition and Festival

Organizer: Jim Anderson, Senior Lecturer, Theatre, Texas A&M-Commerce

Notes from our 9/16/09 planning meeting are below. Include a list of events thus far. Looking forward to adding additional events. Set something up and tell us about it here!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009, at 1:00

Planning meeting, held in the Auditorium in the Hall of Languages (room 203). Bring your ideas for celebration and hear what others are doing. [download event flier]

Monday, October 19, 2009, 4:30-7:30

Creative writing students will read from their own, original work

Organizers: Drs. Robin Reid and Kathryn Jacobs (Department of Literature and Languages)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009, from 12:30-1:45

[location: Gee Library, First Floor]
Panel discussion with local historians
Organizers: Dr. Jim Conrad (Gee Library, Special Collections)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009, from 2:30-4:15

The Converging Literacies Center presents “NCoW Theater”

We’ll share some films collected at the National Conversation on Writing. A number of these were created by our very talented students right here at Texas A&M-Commerce and all of these teach us something about writing and writers.

“NCoW Theater”
A festival of films about writing and writers, highlighting relevant documentaries contained in the National Conversation on Writing (NCoW); Texas A&M-Commerce is the institutional home for this archive of oral histories and other artifacts about writing and writers. More on NCoW at
Organizer: Dr. Shannon Carter (Literature and Languages)

Printable flier and details

Tuesday, October 20, 2009, from 5:00-7:00

The Writing Center will host an Open House, perhaps inviting members from the community to take part in a memoir writing workshop. Other student organizations will be invited to take part as well, offering services and support for the community. Writing Center Open House

This event is scheduled for October 20th from 5p.m.-7p.m. in the Hall of Languages room 106. Dr. Fred Tarpley and the writing group “Silver Leo’s” have graciously accepted the invitation to teach the memoir writing workshop. EGAD will also be in attendance. They will discuss information concerning professional development during this same time slot.

Organizer: Dr. Tabetha Adkins (Literature and Languages)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, from 12:30-1:45

The Norris Community Project
Panel discussion, with community members, archivists, researchers and other experts
Organizer: Dr. Lavelle Hendricks (Department of Counseling), with Carter and Dunbar-Odom

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, from 2:30-4:00

Documentary film: Don’t Be Silent!, followed by conversation with one of the filmmakers (tentatively scheduled). Italian, with English subtitles.

Documentary film about don Roberto Sardelli, a priest and activist who, in 1968, founded School 725 in Rome amongst the “shack people” of the Acquedotto Felice (a XVI century aqueduct where the poorest immigrants from Southern Italy find home and community but no running water or electricity). An uplifting film about the power of writing in and for community, as the residents use research and creative writing to document their situation and force the city leaders to respond.

Organizer: Luca Morazzano, with Carter (Department of Literature and Languages)

Thursday, October 22, 2009, from 12:30-1:45


Friday, October 23, 7:00-9:00

A culminating event/performance/open mic for the Commerce Week on Writing, likely held at Cowhill. Writing Center may initiate a version of the Story Slam! there. Thanks, Tabetha!

Other events being discussed:

1. The Writing Center will host an Open House and offer several interactive activities that will be well worth your time!

2. Creative writers from the community to share their original poetry, songs, and other creative works.

3. Community members to share excerpts from their memoirs

4. Representatives from the National Conversation on Writing (NCoW) will be available to take interviews with writers and solicit contributions (see A&M-Commerce is the institutional home for the National Conversation on Writing so we will be highlighting many aspects of this growing archive of oral histories and artifacts about writing and writers.

What are you planning?

Share those great ideas with us here and promote them far and wide, perhaps adding them to the campus calendar of events


7 thoughts on “events

  1. Microphone Workshop

    Want to read or sing at an Open Mic but don’t have much experience using a microphone? Come to the Commerce Public Library on Thursday, October 22 from 4:30 to 6 PM to learn how to get your voice heard! Practice in a low-key, comfortable environment and you’ll find that it isn’t too difficult; just a bit of advice and you’ll be able to do it confidently.

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  3. Sigma Tau Delta Upsilon Beta Chapter will be hosting a workshop on Creative Non-Fiction from 2-3 in the Communication Skills Center on October 22nd. Make plans to attend!

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