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The National Day on Writing is everywhere! In addition to the exciting ideas shared at, a number of organizations, campuses, and programs are sharing plans via our various listservs and amongst members of ad hoc committees for professional organizations joining the National Day on Writing.

See the “events” link above for more about some of the goings-on around this campus.

From IWCA committee for the National Day on Writing (


Countdown: 7 Weeks until the National Day of Writing!

Michelle Eodice, president of IWCA, has encouraged writing centers to
celebrate the National Day of Writing both on and off campuses. In the
spirit of Michelle’s recommendation, here are some ideas you might begin
this year and subsequently develop–

  • Given economic challenges, consider providing a resume and cover letter workshop for your larger community. Perhaps a local restaurant or community library would house the workshop; writing center staff could work with the community members to draft resumes and get them online.
  • Some local low-security prisons allow community service projects.
  • In addition, some may allow a National Day of Writing online forum to be created. Contact your local prisoner community service advisor for more information. For example, the Ohio Prisoner Community Service office can be accessed at <>
  • Contacting an activities director at a local senior home to discuss how residents could join in the celebration is another idea.
  • Sometimes seniors can’t write and need someone to write letters for them; sometimes they just need the encouragement (that writing center staff are famous for) to begin writing of various kinds including memoirs.
  • Contacting an orphanage in your area is another way to celebrate the day! Just googling orphanages in your area will give you an idea of how many there are and which one to contact. You might create an NCTE gallery for submissions (

From Barbara Toth (BGSU), Tiffany Rousculp (SLCC), Shannon Carter
(TAMU/ Commerce), Karl Fornes (USCA)
> “If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you
> have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us
> work together.” Lila Watson

@ the Salt Lake Community Writing Center (Utah)

1. The writing marathon is a great idea. We’ve done a 24-hour marathon, followed by a reading.

2. Huge, wall-size, poster that provides a space for collaborative writing prompts such as:

a. Draw a visual representation of the brain/mind/body as it writes

b. A prompt that asks for responses to “A world without writing…”

c. “If I taught writing at XX College/University, I would…” that students can respond to…

3. Hand out stickers that say “I’m a writer” or “I write” to students/community members, etc. (Our registration cards say “I Write Stuff” on them.)

4. Have a “Twitter-day” for students where they tweet all day about when they write, see writing, read writing

5. Do a “collection point” in the writing center that can physically show the amount of writing students do in, say, one week. It would not be eco-friendly, because it would be a lot of paper, but maybe some way to show the sheer amount of writing students do; notes, drafts, essays, exams…etc.

6. If not the collection point for student writing, a collection point for found writing—a week where students/community members bring in writing that they find.

7. A reading during the last week (or perhaps on the actual day of writing), open-mic, drop in, theme: “Writing is…”


We’ll add more ideas here as they come and we encourage you to kick around ideas here as well. Also useful may be the links available at the “resources” page and the information at the “Do It Yourself Kit” above (“DIY Kit”).


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