Planning CWoW

When? October 16, 2009 (Friday) to October 23, 2009 (Friday)

Where? across campus and throughout the community!


Resolution in 60 Seconds

We have a moment here! October 20th is the National Day on Writing [flier]. Why the Commerce Week on Writing? Commerce can’t be contained! We need at least a week! Why writing? Because writing matters, now more than ever.

Writing about life in Commerce, Texas, on this campus, in this time

Writing over time

Writing with video, sound, images, alphabetic texts

Writing on the canvas, in computer code, in other langages

Writing for pleasure, for art, for profit, for work, for preservation, as preservation

Writing in community, for community, in performance, as performance, in collaboration, in faith, for faith

Writing as discovery

Writing that’s creative, meaningful, powerful, beautiful

All writing. All writers. We are all writers in some form or another (songwriters, email writers, script writers, bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers, poets, artists, and every other kind of writer you an imagine). We’d love to celebrate that diversity with a whole host of activities celebrating Commerce and all its fabulousness!

Who is a Writer? What Writers Tell Us

Texas A&M-Commerce

How will you celebrate?

Here’s what some others are doing for the Commerce Week on Writing.

What will you do? Set something up and spread the word!

Some suggestions/resources for you:

Step I: Set something up (presentations, displays, interactive activities, workshops, interviews, or a million other possibilities)

Step II: Generate a flier, a blur, and/or other promotional materials.

Step II: Tell us about it! Post the info to the Commerce Week on Writing blog so we can participate in one another’s events

Step III: Post to the campus and community calendars

Step IV: Share information about the event with KETR and the East Texan and campus marketing ( or Director of Marketing Randy Jolly at

Ideas for celebrating, from NCTE [general, classroom] and the National Writing Project. Check out the “Idea Generator” at


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